To have sharp and young-looking eyes, Actually you need to pay attention to “orbicularis oculi muscle” and “blood circulation”.
Yet, it’s not easy to give them sufficient care, And they are being heavily used every day and thus declining really quick… .e is a simple treatment to enhance blood circulation and improve orbicularis oculi muscle ability.

You may not be familiar with the name “orbicularis oculi”, but it is vitally important for the young and energetic look of your eyes. It is the muscle around our eyes so when its ability goes down, aging signs like wrinkles and sagging appear.

Just because eyes are such important especially for ladies, we developed this with technical support from big manufacturers for the highest level of eye-care. Patent is attained, and we have 5 mutual effect-amplifying approaches such as the carbon head to provide a young and energetic look for your eyes!

“Carbon element” is now becoming the focus in the beauty industry for its high far infrared-ray power. Reach out to difficult parts to where cannot be reached in other normal treatments, catalyzing turnover in blood circulation through heat energy. Centering on carbon elements, .e is a beauty treatment designed exclusively for eyes and for the next generation.

“Pure, natural carbon” cut from carbon substances without any additives. The internal heating effect is 2,000 times greater than that of far inferred rays.

Unprecedented isotropic carbon elements in the carbon head of .e. Breaking the unidirectional convention and providing a 360° panoramic Infrared effect. So, it’s simply different.

The head is equipped with a warming effect for increasing far infrared effect of carbons. Ease muscle tension; enhance blood and lymph circulation. Distribute nutrients quickly and efficiently

Aim to train up orbicularis oculi muscles through EMS electric stimulation, which cannot be easily done in daily life.Particularly focusing on the orbicularis oculi muscle, the important area for a young and energetic look to bring back the glossiness and elasticity of eye areas.

With ion to amplify the effects! The lotion helps to moisturize the eye areas and bring back your young, energetic look, And to distribute all useful ingredients to every corner in the stratum corneum.

Premium stem cell culture solution to help ion penetration. Two stem cell culture solutions and doubled approach to rejuvenate skin cells. Pulling out the natural essence of the beauty of your skin and bringing back your bright, fresh and rejuvenated skin.

First, complete skin cleansing procedures to remove dirt. Do it with our SAQHA skin care series to amplify the beautifying result.

Apply the CELLSERUM lotion. Add 1-2 drops on your palm to draw circles around each of your eyes.

After applying CELLSERUM, apply the beautifying gel. Add a dime-sized portion on your palm to draw circles around your eyes.

Draw 3 circles around your temple areas with pressuring point. Then, apply softly above and below eyes from the inner tip of eyes to the outer, continue for 2 minutes for each eye.

Gently apply the SAQHA eye cream to your eye areas. Drawing circles, and be mindful to apply on every corner of your eye areas. Repeat serval times on target areas.