"Personal information" means informaion person recognizable or identifiable by itself or combiningother information (e.g. name,adress,phone number,E-mail address)
We collect customer's personal information when we got an inquiry. When we collect, we show purposes clearly and correct under agreement of customer with legal and fair means.
Our purpose of using personal informations collected from customers is to reply to inquiry.
Giving to third party
We never provide personal informations collected from customers to third party unless cases following occur.
  • When customer pgreed
  • When disclose informations in not identifiable state
  • When we need to provide to related companies (In this case,we take means needed like making contract about confidentiality with them)
  • When legally needed
  • When we think a customer is going to trespass on other person
  • When we think it is needed for customers or public benefit
Safty managemant
We take rational,phisical, personal,and technical means for safety manegement of personal informations collected from customers.We also make effort to prevent personal informations from missing, falsified, and leaking by dealing with them in proper ways following relatd laws.
Correcting deleting
Please ask us correcting and deleting personal informations by phone or inquiry form.
When request of disclosing, correcting, stopping, or deleting personal information come, we respond following law only when we can confirm that it is from that customer